This computer system is for authorized users only. Individuals using this computer system without authority, or in excess of their authority, are subject to having all their activities on this system monitored and recorded by system personnel. If necessary, appropriate action will be taken against employee's when misuse, and/or unauthorized use is detected. These actions could result in counseling, suspension or employment termination depending upon severity. Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, system personnel may provide the evidence of such monitoring to law enforcement officials


Sign In to Extranet

PerNo: PerNo = Employee Number
Password: Password is in the format YYYYMMDDL, where YYYYMMDD is associate’s birth date followed by the associate’s first letter of the last name in UPPER case. For example John Doe’s password whose birth date is 10/21/1910 would be 19101021D